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Spring clocks forward

Did you forget as I did? In the morning I got up, looked at my phone and it said 900 am, went to the kitchen and it was 800 am. Obviously it didn’t take long to figure out what happened (although a little groggy I did think I moved time zones for a moment).

But then I realized, wait! this can’t be that happens when spring is here! It’s funny that as you go through life time becomes less and less important and the moment is where we should be. I guess I have been in the moment so deeply I didn’t put together that this is March and spring is around the corner.

We are hoping to get all the charms up over the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll start on the large hole beads. That’s actually the one that is the most exciting for me because we will have large hole pearls, glass beads, gemstone, lampwork beads and so much more that I get to put up on the website.

Hopefully it is easy enough to navigate and view pictures.

ciao for now

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