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seed bead

Even though we are not selling our seed bead online that doesn’t mean we’re empty. On the contrary we have tonnes! We have sz6, sz8 and sz11 and the sz11 is 10% off right now so come on in and check it out.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

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adding inventory

If you have been watching the website you’ll have noticed the inventory going up without pictures, don’t worry all pictures for the product will be on the website.

For a short time I have placed the website on coming soon so I can get the rest ready and it will be a wonderful surprise.

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Karen had mentioned on the home page major sales. Here I am to tell you that our first sales is going to be 1/2 and 1/4 kilo bags of seed bead and bugle. There are too many photograph so I am just saying come over and check it out.
In addition to that there are a couple dozen magazines all chocked full of wonderful projects for all your beading desires.
Last but not least I have a variety of colours waxed cotton cord (2mm) that just isn’t our favourite kind.

So instead of throwing it all away we are giving you a chance to come to our home and check it out. When I say that everything is free we mean it. There are no buts etc on the freebies, you can come in and just take the free stuff and thats it.

We are also selling our Japanese seed bead (sz6 and sz8) at 10% off as well as our sz11 50% off.

Give us a call and we’ll arrange a time you can come in and peruse our leftover stock,

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Ah life

After xomputers and printers etc breaking. Not to memtion the website going down, I’ve managed to get rhings runnjng again. Please be patient as we rebuild everything.

We are taking a new route to our store and we hope you like it.