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our goal

We have been working steadfastly trying to get as much of our old inventory and website back up and running and so far so good. Our ultimate goal is to have an easy to navigate easy to purchase store and website. I think I have managed to get it to that extent.

Today I uploaded:

  • porcelain large hole beads
  • glass czech crow beads
  • finished the lampwork beads with last two products

This actually rounds out our large hole beads very well but don’t worry we still have more to post.

Do you ever feel like you are having a yard sale and you don’t realize how much stuff is laying around until you start looking? Well I think we are at that point LOL.

that’s it for now, enjoy looking at the website.

ciao for now.

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large holed glass

You read that right, I have large holed glass beads that we are slowly getting onto the site. These beads vary in size but the holes are approximately 2mm. You are in for a treat as these have vibrant colours and enough to catch any magpies eye. Some are from India and the crow beads are czech.

In addition to that we are adding beautifully coloured wood beads with large holes, metal, bone and more. We are very excited to roll out this line as we are proud of the collection of beads we have found.

Thank you all for your patience as this takes time.

ciao for now

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large holed gemstone

As promised I have uploaded lampwork and gemstone to the website. It is a small group but we’re building on it.

One thing I forgot to mention is there is a “frequent buyer” type of addition I did today, you get 20% off if you purchase $50.00 worth of charms. It will calculate that at the point of checkout. See some charms you like? Collect them all and receive your 20%.

I would like to see more things uploaded and they will be as soon as they get photographed. This site has become a labour of love for both of us and we will see it to completion.

ciao for now

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majority of charms are done

YAAAAAA!!! I only have another 100 or so to go but they will be uploaded gradually. As promised I am starting on the large hole lampwork beads. They are so beautiful and fantastic for hairwraps or jewellery I can’t wait for you to see them.

Happy spring everyone! Warm weather is on its way and I can’t wait. I am a warm weather kind of person. Cold weather is not my cup of tea.

Like I said lampwork beads will be posted today and you can see the beauty yourself.

ciao for now

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weather and inventory

What goes better together than bad weather and inventory….. I know I know I’ve thought of a hundred other things haha. But that was my day today more charms. Today I completed:

  • tea time
  • celestial
  • television and movies
  • love
  • keys
  • peace

I know what you’re thinking “the charms are great but bring on the large holed beads. All in due time ladies and gentlemen, all in good time.

ciao for now

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What is with this weather

I know this is probably normal for March but seriously!?! why can’t we just go from cold to warm to hot and none of this crazy mild weather and then cold weather right after it. My emotions can’t handle lol.

Well, while the weather is acting silly I am hibernating in my cave and adding more charms to the website. If at all interested I have uploaded:

  • travel
  • alphabet (3 sets)
  • sports and dance

Currently I am working on yoga and spiritualism, I’m hoping to finish those today.

How about everyone else out there in beading land…. like the weather, hate the weather, tell me what you think and what you’re doing to beat the chill.

ciao for now.

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mobile surfing

I know I said that this is a responsive site and it is in fact that. Unfortunately, due to the restraints of the size of a phone screen things don’t line up like a computer

Such as, the menu for the store is near the bottom of the page. It is the only spot to put it and when I find a better responsive theme I’ll be sure to use that so I can make things as easy as possible.

Beyond that there are all sorts of goodies on the site and I hope you are enjoying the insertion of inventory as we are doing it.

ciao for now

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not as hard as i thought

Adding inventory and pictures and videos etc is turning into an easier task than I thought.

Some of the stuff that I have accumulated is strictly out of luck as the entire site died on me a few weeks ago.So here I am rebuilding and having fun doing it.

I prefer to do work on it now as Karen is putting her input in and the site is coming together more quickly than we had expected.

Peruse the site and see the things added that are new additions. Or perhaps old additions being re-added.

ciao for now

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Spring clocks forward

Did you forget as I did? In the morning I got up, looked at my phone and it said 900 am, went to the kitchen and it was 800 am. Obviously it didn’t take long to figure out what happened (although a little groggy I did think I moved time zones for a moment).

But then I realized, wait! this can’t be that happens when spring is here! It’s funny that as you go through life time becomes less and less important and the moment is where we should be. I guess I have been in the moment so deeply I didn’t put together that this is March and spring is around the corner.

We are hoping to get all the charms up over the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll start on the large hole beads. That’s actually the one that is the most exciting for me because we will have large hole pearls, glass beads, gemstone, lampwork beads and so much more that I get to put up on the website.

Hopefully it is easy enough to navigate and view pictures.

ciao for now

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inventory and more inventory

Have you ever sat down at a new project and saw what was expected and thought to yourself “I got this”, and then a few days into what you thought would be a few hours of work then become weeks. LOL well that is my predicament, there is more that we realized and that startled me a little.

Anyway, I’m working as fast as I can to get as much up online as possible. Hopefully you’ll take a look at our clearance section. Today I just added Delicas 11/0 in there for 50% off.

Now back to the website, I’m not sure if you all know but this site is 100% responsive which means you can comfortably on your phone. This is a personal triumph as our website hasn’t always been phone or tablet friendly.

back to work I suppose get some more inventory up.

ciao for now…