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seed bead

It’s an odd combination I know, but we’ve decided that 6/0 seed bead will fit on 1mm cord so we’ll add it too.

So there are 71 colours of seed bead on the website. Just look at the menu to the right and you will see its link there. All in all I can’t complain about how the site it coming together (sigh again) and the visits to our site is starting to grow.

Remember if there are things we have and you hope they go online let us know what it is.

We have also started on the cord section, that is another undertaking (what isn’t on estore creating). The 2mm waxed cotton and the faux suede are nearly done.

anyway, that’s it for now

ciao for now.

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hello from my beading dungeon

Hello from down in the dungeon, where I work steadfastly on adding inventory. Today I’m afraid wasn’t as successful as usual. Although, I did manage to complete

  • mini glass crow beads
  • uploaded all the seed bead

Yes, we decided to put up the seed bead. It will be 6/0 and 8/0 for size and all the colours of the rainbow. Over the next few days I will be adding prices and pictures (as they did not upload grrr) so you can see what you’re buying.

We have also decided to extend our promotion to beads as well. If you spend 50$ on loose beads and charms you will receive 20% off at the subtotal of your purchase. This happens even if you buy some already discount findings etc your discount is there with the others.

That gives you something to think about while you are perusing through our site.

Ciao for now.

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our goal

We have been working steadfastly trying to get as much of our old inventory and website back up and running and so far so good. Our ultimate goal is to have an easy to navigate easy to purchase store and website. I think I have managed to get it to that extent.

Today I uploaded:

  • porcelain large hole beads
  • glass czech crow beads
  • finished the lampwork beads with last two products

This actually rounds out our large hole beads very well but don’t worry we still have more to post.

Do you ever feel like you are having a yard sale and you don’t realize how much stuff is laying around until you start looking? Well I think we are at that point LOL.

that’s it for now, enjoy looking at the website.

ciao for now.

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large holed glass

You read that right, I have large holed glass beads that we are slowly getting onto the site. These beads vary in size but the holes are approximately 2mm. You are in for a treat as these have vibrant colours and enough to catch any magpies eye. Some are from India and the crow beads are czech.

In addition to that we are adding beautifully coloured wood beads with large holes, metal, bone and more. We are very excited to roll out this line as we are proud of the collection of beads we have found.

Thank you all for your patience as this takes time.

ciao for now

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large holed gemstone

As promised I have uploaded lampwork and gemstone to the website. It is a small group but we’re building on it.

One thing I forgot to mention is there is a “frequent buyer” type of addition I did today, you get 20% off if you purchase $50.00 worth of charms. It will calculate that at the point of checkout. See some charms you like? Collect them all and receive your 20%.

I would like to see more things uploaded and they will be as soon as they get photographed. This site has become a labour of love for both of us and we will see it to completion.

ciao for now

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majority of charms are done

YAAAAAA!!! I only have another 100 or so to go but they will be uploaded gradually. As promised I am starting on the large hole lampwork beads. They are so beautiful and fantastic for hairwraps or jewellery I can’t wait for you to see them.

Happy spring everyone! Warm weather is on its way and I can’t wait. I am a warm weather kind of person. Cold weather is not my cup of tea.

Like I said lampwork beads will be posted today and you can see the beauty yourself.

ciao for now