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Calling all beaders

We are having a sale on all seed bead! Savings that you will be excited to hear

sz11 50% off
sz08 25% off
sz06 25% off

Check out the colours we have and save a bundle!!!


if you live in the Orillia area you can come see the selection in person. Just call Karen at 705 345 1147 and arrange a time. It’s just that easy.

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The farmers market went without a hitch. You know how “ready” you can be and end up forgetting something? Not us we were ready to go. The response to the new stuff was overwhelming, we were flattered.

Anyway enjoy your evening.

Ciao for now

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At long last

I’m sorry to be so long from writing but we were getting ready for the farmers market. We have the same make your own as we always have but with a few surprises. As well Karen has been busy with a new line that we will launch at the farmers market. Come and see us tomorrow and look at all the new things we’ve added. It starts at 800am

See you there

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seed bead

It’s an odd combination I know, but we’ve decided that 6/0 seed bead will fit on 1mm cord so we’ll add it too.

So there are 71 colours of seed bead on the website. Just look at the menu to the right and you will see its link there. All in all I can’t complain about how the site it coming together (sigh again) and the visits to our site is starting to grow.

Remember if there are things we have and you hope they go online let us know what it is.

We have also started on the cord section, that is another undertaking (what isn’t on estore creating). The 2mm waxed cotton and the faux suede are nearly done.

anyway, that’s it for now

ciao for now.

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hello from my beading dungeon

Hello from down in the dungeon, where I work steadfastly on adding inventory. Today I’m afraid wasn’t as successful as usual. Although, I did manage to complete

  • mini glass crow beads
  • uploaded all the seed bead

Yes, we decided to put up the seed bead. It will be 6/0 and 8/0 for size and all the colours of the rainbow. Over the next few days I will be adding prices and pictures (as they did not upload grrr) so you can see what you’re buying.

We have also decided to extend our promotion to beads as well. If you spend 50$ on loose beads and charms you will receive 20% off at the subtotal of your purchase. This happens even if you buy some already discount findings etc your discount is there with the others.

That gives you something to think about while you are perusing through our site.

Ciao for now.