About Us

The Magpie Bead Co. began as a beach front shop on the shores of Wasaga Beach selling hemp jewellery, beads and doing hairwraps on hundreds of young girls. We travelled to folk festivals setting up booths doing the same. The Mariposa Folk Festival is my all time favorite, having exhibited there 17 years!

I decided to open a full time bead store in the downtown core of sunny Orillia, using some very talented young artisans and the store thrived for 16 years. Due to health, stress and simple exhaustion I then closed my beloved shop 2 years ago.

Since then, I have travelled back to my hippie roots of hairwraps and festivals. I have happily set up a booth at the downtown summer and Christmas farmer’s markets and have continued to appear at the Mariposa Folk Festival. I hope to see you all there this summer!