About Your Hairwrap

- The hairwraps are made from 100% cotton floss which allows the hair to breathe
- You may choose 4 colours from a variety of more than 40 shades
- You may swim with your hairwrap, chlorine won't hurt it
- Shampoo and condition your hairwrap along with the rest of your hair
- Be careful not to get your hairwrap caught when engaging in vigorous activities, 
it can be clipped back or tied in your ponytail
- Remind small children not to pull, twist or tug on their hairwraps
- You may remove your hairwrap with damage to the hair by snipping the knots at 
every colour change with small scissors or a seam ripper and unravelling 
- Do not remove it when it’s wet
- You can make jewellery from the beads once your hairwrap has been removed!


How to remove your hairwrap

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